Being a Microsoft Consultant

I am a Microsoft Engineer, and i am here to help you resolve your issue.

That is what i used to say, when i worked for Microsoft Headquarter in the UK

First and foremost, i have to tell you working as a consultant at Microsoft is sweeeet. You get to meet many smart people, in a University atmosphere, and you get to learn in whatever you are interested in. The salary was exceptional, but i guess just ok for UK Standards (check out for a description of the rate that a consultant can get in the UK.

My official role was Office Support Engineer. What that meant is that i had to pick up when nobody succeeded in fixing an issue, and i was the last steps before an Escalation Engineer took over and transmitted the issue to developers.

If you ever get proposed a similar position, i strongly suggest to accept it, you won't regret it. By the way their desserts was delicious.

80% of my time had to be tracked. That means i had to assign 80% of these hours to specific clients at least. In these 20% left, i often browsed at the Microsoft Library, which had like most of the Microsoft books that Amazon had. This experience made me confident that i can be of help and that i am technically able to helps customer at a professional level. 

That is why i created my own company.