The internet and inflation.

The internet is swallowing entire sphere of our economy.

 First there was music, the first revolution came with napster, then limewire, youtube, torrents, and nowadays I use grooveshark. Fast, easy on bandwith and efficient.

Then the movie industry had to fight an uphill battle against torrents and video streaming website. Nowaday torrent search such as isohunt allow me to watch every movie that I want, for free, in a matter of minutes (especially this in combination with a torrent streaming extension for Chrome such as TS Magic Player

Financial information with Google Finance is nowadays very easy to use, and even fun to watch when one`s stock go up :)
GPS technologies are also getting swallowed by the combination of a smartphone and google maps.

The world of recruitment will probably change as well, since linkedin permit to get confidence into the knowledge of human ressources, as well as easily find professionals, wherever they are.

Now my interest are mostly in the results of those changes on inflation. It might be possible to conveive a day where the prices of most goods decrease since the cost of producing them is vastly reduced.