Word VBA

Exporting from PDF to Word AND Keeping all formating

I had a customer come up to me and asked me, Nick, i have some PDF document here, but i'd like to export it to word, but keep all the formatting.  He had many documents in  pdf and there was no picture but lots of alignments, and custom fonts etc.  He wanted me to design a VBA solution to export that pdf to Word. I thought it could be possible but could take a lots of time, since there was lots of rule to design etc.

So i searched online and found that Adobe had a tool called Adobe Acrobat Pro that actually did all that. It's so easy to do in that tool, i only had to open my pdf and then click on Save as, and then select MS Word document. Took maximum 30 seconds, and my document was ready. The software ain't cheap though, but at around 300$ a license, it's much less expensive than me spending a week on it.