SQL Server Trace with MS Access and SQL Profiler

A SQL Server trace can be very useful if someone want to verify in what SQL table does MS Access uses. It is somewhat tricky to set up your trace so that it track the right events.

To first identify what table your Access DB is using, you need to use SQL Profiler to create and configure your trace. SQL Server Profiler is a tool, that comes with every version of SQL server except the Express version. Therefore, if you only had SQL Server Express version installed, you will have to install another version of SQL Server.

When you have configured your server, it will be time to create your trace. I suggest you create yourself a template, that you will use to set up what exactly you want to track.

SQL Server Trace MS Access

Here you will want to select use the template, then create a template that include both the RPC completed, and the T-SQL completed events. That will assure that you track all events that MS access throws out.